About Us

Like any other types of occupation there is a hierarchy of competence. You must avoid rogue and incompetent traders at all costs. Walking blindly into a situation just because they can start quickly or offering a cheap price, discounting against cash payments, or asking for large deposits. In short, where things may rapidly move from bad to terrible in no time at all.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of your falling prey to an incompetent or rogue trader, to help ordinary people who do not know how to build an extension, install a new kitchen, a loft conversion or don’t know how or where to repair a damaged roof. We want and need competent trades people who take pride in their work being a skilled contractor is a very honourable, productive occupation and offers a very well-deserved good standard of living for their hard work and experience.

Good trustworthy trades people should be happy to issue a legally binding quotations via our “Quotation Schedule”. To put in place and work within a “Building Agreement” which covers all eventualities because it protects them as much as it protects you. To agree and put in writing a “Payment Schedule” because you should only pay upon the completion of staged works within an agreed time frame, this confirms an income stream for the contractor providing real peace of mind to both parties.

For your wellbeing, If they do not agree to issue a signed “Quotation Agreement” or sign the “Building Agreement”, “Payment Schedule” then STOP.