About Us

It should be everyone’s aim to be the best they might be in their chosen field of work, like any other line of occupation there is-a hierarchy of competence. Our aim is to reduce the risk of falling prey to an incompetent or rogue trader.

Typically, a rogue or incompetent trader is someone (an individual or a company) who does not know what they are doing and does not care about you, your family, or your property or even themselves. Someone intent on causing trouble and taking as much money from you as possible from the very start because they are simply no good. Furthermore, in these days of the Covid 19 – Corona Virus, many industries have been hit very hard and the construction industry is no different. It will affect the good tradespeople as well as the rogue traders, arguably it could produce more rogue and incompetent/ traders into the system. By using the Firm Choice flow chart for guidance, our legal agreements and our credit system which goes back 5 years you can view the contractor in a whole new unhurried light

For your wellbeing, you must avoid these rogue and incompetent traders at all costs. Surely, it would be better for you and your family to endure the frustration of waiting to find the right trades people rather than walking blindly into a situation just because they can start quickly or by quoting a cheap price or discounting against cash payments, etc. In short, where things may rapidly move from bad to terrible in no time at all. If they do not agree to issue a signed “Quotation Agreement” or sign the “Building Agreement”, “Payment Schedule” or don’t provide sufficient information for the credit profiling, then STOP.

The aim of Firm Choice is very simple. It is to help ordinary people who do not know how to build an extension, install a new kitchen, who can’t build a loft conversion or don’t know how or where to repair a damaged roof. When you need a contractor, Firm Choice has provided the tools to help you sort between the good and the bad, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, builders, kitchen fitters, roofers etc. We expect; competent trades people to issue a legally binding quotation via our “Quotation Schedule”. To stick to the “Building Agreement” because our agreements protect them as much as it protects you. Good trustworthy trades people should be happy to discuss and agree a “Payment Schedule” because it confirms an income stream for the contractor and provides real peace of mind to both parties. Trades people who understand why customers need the comfort of having their company profile checked before committing their home and thousands of pounds to a project via our fantastic credit profile and rating system. Ultimately, It works for everybody the contractor is committing their time and experience and wants to know they will be paid for their work and the Homeowner wants to create a better living space, an investment for the future a better home.

We all want to work with “trades people” who take pride in their work, who are honest enough to tell you when you have a problem and there is a simple fix. What could be better than working with someone who knows their trade, is honest and competent, who identifies a problem, offers an acceptable price. They fix it, the problem goes away, and you pay them. We need trades people that can solve problems in a competent, honest, and forthright manner. Make no mistake being a skilled contractor is a very honorable, productive occupation and offers a very well-deserved good standard of living for their hard work and experience.