Value for Money & Fair Pricing

Value for Money and Fair Pricing are frequently used terms to consider the value derived from a purchase. It should be viewed not only on the minimum purchase price but also on the effectiveness and efficiency of the purchase. A simple exercise would be to consider the cost of your project i.e. £18,000 and the price of our “Hand Over” package at just £288.00 as a percentage it is just 1.60% of the total budget. 

You should consider the benefits;

Legally Binding Agreements
Edit the “open areas” of the agreement to suit your project. Email or print as many as you like.

Legally Binding Letters
Modify the “open areas” of the letters to suit your project. Email or print as many as you like.

Company Credit

Check Credit Score & Limits
Our scoring model achieves prediction rate of 70% of company insolvencies 12 months in advance, endorsed by all leading UK Credit Insurers.

Financial Data
Up to 5 years (where possible); Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Capital Reserves, Cashflow and Key Ratios.

Invoices & Payments
More companies file accounts with official bodies, payment behaviour is a good indicator of current financial state.

Director Information
An insight into how a company operates know more about the people running the business, including their history.

Bank & Vat Verification
Match the bank account details and Vat number directly to the contracto



First Fix Best value

Hand Over


Quotation Agreement
Company Credit Check
Vat Check
Bank Verification
Building Agreement
Amendment Agreement  
Confidentiality Agreement  
Payment Schedule    
Addendum Agreement    
Default Letter      
Termination Letter      
Monitoring (5 Months)      
Price Incl of Vat £144 £204 £336 £498
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FREE Bank & Vat Checks with Every Company Credit Check from September 1st – March 18th 2021

Unsure Which Plan Is Right for You

We are here to help. Get in touch with our team via email who will offer impartial advice as to which package is best suited for your needs.

Continued Monitoring

Created for those who want continued piece of mind for longer term projects. Keep yourself updated on the financial stability of your contractor. Be among the first to know if their credit rating has dropped, if a default has been registered, a County Court Judgement has been issued or if a Director has resigned from the company.

Notes: 1 – 5 = No of Credit, Vat & Bank Verification that can be performed. Promotional Discount has been applied