Firm Choice helps you with the following:

Get clearly costed quotes from different companies, compare costs from competing companies.

Agree a payment schedule in advance in writing with the contractor, payment as the project progresses and targets met, no big deposits paid in advance and no unplanned payments unless agreed to in writing.

A legally binding agreement with clearly defined end dates with options to add to or amend the agreements in place in the event of unforeseen circumstances and more.

Conduct an online live credit check on the companies quoting for the project, going back 5 Years. Get an instant rating and credit profile – are they a good risk.

Make sure you are dealing with a fit and proper company or sole trader not one with county court judgments, credit defaults or even a bad credit rating or profile.

Instantly check that the bank account you are paying into is linked to the company you’re doing business with.

Make sure their Vat number is live and valid and linked to the right company.

Stop and take a moment.

For most of us our homes are the single largest asset we will ever have.

The dilemma we have is that many of us have little or no experience in overseeing a refurbishment, aloft conversion, an extension,or a new build. This also applies to finding the right contractor who will complete your project professionally at the right price as well as meeting the dead lines for your project. Despite these challenges,it should no longer be the case that your aim of improving your home means placing your savings and property at a high risk. You must do your homework about the contractor coming into your home.

In these negotiations you hold all the cards. You want to start your project, you have the plans,the building consents and you have the funds available to complete the task ahead.

You should prepare by searching for a good, reliable, competent contractor. Support your search by conducting thorough credit checks and profiling.Finally have everything confirmed with our binding agreements. This process has proven to dramatically reduce your risk of dealing with a rogue or incompetent trader. If the trader refuses to sign the agreements, then walk away and consider yourself lucky.

You should never be rushed or cajoled into making a quick or rash decision.You should never agree to pay cash to achieve a better price. Remember, no paperwork means no come back against any faulty work or bad practice.